Abseil Rope Access Window Cleaner

Ropetek has been providing rope access services on a wide range of projects throughout Australia and the USA since 1998. Out IRATA-trained operators are equipped to handle a wide variety of maintenance, painting, inspection, height safety and cleaning projects.


Our relationship with quality product providers including Hilti, Sayfa, Uniline, Dulux and RTP ensures all our workmanship and materials are of the highest standards and all our projects are carried out in accordance with accredited standards and codes.

Abseil Rope Access Window Cleaner

The health and safety of our employees, the public, the community and property is Ropetek Services’ number one priority. The safety of these aspects will be ensured through staff being familiar with OH&S guidelines, the conducting of risk assessments for all jobs, preparation of Safe Work Method Statements and Risk Management Plans, adhering to WorkCover specifications, relevant education and training and through the debriefing of all jobs that have a risk component.

The OH&S Act (Part3, 15.2c) states that an employer must:

“…provide such information, instruction, training and supervision  as may be necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of his employees”

Therefore the responsibility is on the employer, property owner and building manager to ensure that correct and adequate training has been conducted to ensure employees have the appropriate qualifications to carry out work and use appropriate equipment.

Australian Codes of Practice
All work shall be carried out in accordance with the various codes Of practice, regulations and Australian standards.

Ropetek Services quality procedures and OH&S site safety manuals include:
• Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891: 2000 Industrial Fall Arrest Systems 
• Ropetek Services OH&S site safety plan 
• Ropetek Services Quality Procedures and OH&S Manual 
• NSW WorkCover Authority Guidelines for Rope Access 
• NSW WorkCover Authority Code of Practice for Safe Work on Roofs 1 and 2. 
• Australian Standards AS/NZS 4488.1: 1997 Industrial Rope Access 
• Australian Standards AS/NZS 4488.2: 1997 Industrial Rope Access 
• Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891.4: 2000 Industrial Rope Access 
• Australian Standards AS/NZS 4626: 2000 Fall Arrest Devices 
• Confined spaces: AS2865
• EWP: 1418.10
• Ladder: AS 1657-1992
• Fixed platform, walkways and ladders: DCI - AS1657-1992

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