Certified Anchor Points

Ropetek provides a complete range of fall prevention solutions for modern day problems associated with working at heights. 

It is a requirement by law that all property owners/managers provide suitable safe access to and from working environments under their control. 

Organisations that are proactive  in the installation of suitable safety systems can be ensured that all works on their property/facility are carried out safely and in accordance with all relevant codes of practice for working at height.

  • Fall prevention systems can be broken up into these areas:

  • Horizontal Systems

  • Vertical Systems

  • Rope Access Systems

  • Roof Access Systems

Systems selection

  • Fall arrest/restraint systems

  • Hand rail and walkways kits

  • Rope access roof jockey systems

  • Roof hatches

  • Rope access anchor point systems

  • Fall restraint/arrest netting systems

  • Uni line rail systems

  • Debris netting systems

  • Bomac rail system

  • Height safety audits

  • Uni 8 systems

  • System design and installation

  • Roof safe anchor point systems

  • Height safety consultation

  • Horizontal life lines (HLL)

  • System compliance checks

  • Vertical ladder lines (VLL)

Contact one of our height safety specialists for any information or to discuss any concerns regarding working at height.

Facade Access Plan